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Live in your Optimal Reality

Step into your true power!

  • Do you feel trapped in your life? 

  • Is all of your energy being used on obligation and duty? 

  • Do you feel misunderstood and taken for granted?
  • What moves do you need to make to do what you're here to accomplish in this life?  

I can help you access your true path and the steps necessary to live it. 

We all have a different set of tools and a different optimal reality.  If everyone chooses to exist in this optimal reality, that will be our world.  You know what you need to do, what you need to give up to remove barriers and to fully live your best life.   Use the ancient tools of Devi Tantra to access those answers within yourself and to see that it is the only way.


Travel to heaven with your lovers. Perfume your work space and home with bliss. Create your world in your highest light. Live the life you are meant to live with Devi Tantra!

You Are So Powerful!!

Create your daily practice to stay in alignment with your center and with the world  around you.

Cultivate your personal polarity equilibrium; your signature balance of masculine and feminine energy

Become a source!  Nurture what you want to thrive within and around you.

Yoga Practice

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Erin Sutra
Spiritual Accelerator

Through the power of radical personal responsibility, meditation, alignment with source and tantric yoga, I understand and see every day that my life is truly my own creation.  I want this for you too!  I can help you get there....

I've spent the last twenty years wandering the earth studying and teaching meditation, yoga and art.  The more time I spend exploring dimensions with meditation, the stranger and more amazing my life becomes.   I want to share this understanding with you.  I am a living example of the power of alignment with source and profound trust in life.


I have first-hand experience with many types of trauma.  Over the last ten years I became a single mother, suffered addiction and abuse from my partner and succeeded as a self-employed artist and healer.  I lost everything to a hurricane, was rear-ended on the freeway, moved across the country multiple times with my son and also traveled the world.  No matter what, I use the ancient practices that I know to find the beauty, the pleasure and I always see it because I know that every part of life is somehow beneficial to me.

I've painted and apprenticed under legendary artists, made art for Cathedrals, Mosques and Synagogues all over the world, predicted futures in art trance, channeled angels and deities, studied with yoga and meditation masters, painted live at amazing parties and danced and danced and danced.

Now I am here to help you as you build your life around your purpose and source.  I've been given so many amazing tools and deep wisdom. I offer myself as a spiritual guide to help you to access your path. 



-“I’d like to start by saying that magical things tend to happen to me after a session with Erin. Seriously, I manifest things more easily. There’s definitely something shamanic about her. I think she clears my energy so well that it makes me open to attract new things.  I can’t recommend her enough, she’s helped me through some difficult times physically and emotionally. Book her now :)” -T​

Erin is a deeply skilled and intuitive healer. She has amazing hands and a knack for honing in on the things that count in the body and mind. These traits of hers are clear and proven. But what you may not know about Erin is that she’s a yogi mystic. Her vast knowledge of Eastern traditions, her command of the breath, the way she uses sound along with touch to heal, her understanding of the Chakras and energy centers that are the keys to a whole other modality of medicine and wellness that has been around for thousands of years - these qualities make her a singular healer. In my days I have found none more gifted or effective. I recommend her - highly."

Erin is intensely intuitive, and zeroes in to the trouble-spots straight away.  I feel well taken care of when I leave her studio, and my muscles continue to resonate with the work. I highly recommend her as a coach (AND an artist/muralist!)