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Claim your power, Be a Devi Queen...

What Lies Beyond the Fairy Tale?

How do you maintain your power and magnetism through childbirth, marriage and beyond?

Our paradigm has radically shifted and it is no longer necessary or helpful for women to give themselves completely to motherhood and marriage.  The fairy tale ideal of getting swept away into happily ever after is a debilitating lie to keep women from claiming directive power over life.  Now, more than ever, it is possible for women to expand our human collective consciousness through their own empowerment and the radical self-discovery that is possible through Devitantra.


With Devi Tantra you can align with the new paradigm and claim your power over the world around you. Travel to heaven with your lovers. Perfume your work space and home with bliss. Create your world in your highest light.

Harness your full feminine power:  Connecting to creative source and pouring into every thought, word and deed

Root into your balanced masculine as it seeds, protects and facilitates beauty, nurturing, healing and new life.

Find your personal practice. Create your world as a work of art.  Build your lifestyle around your true desires. 

Attract amazing love that feeds your creative source and facilitates opening to more and more bliss,

Become a magnet for what you truly want.  Release relationships, jobs, habits and people that no longer serve you.

Yoga Practice

"Your body is a microcosm of the universe"

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Fearlessly Creating Your Life

with Erin Sutra

Spiritual Guide * Transpersonal Coach

Enlightenment is achieved through a union of opposites in that space between.  New creation comes from the union of masculine and feminine entities.  We are moving from the Kali Yuga-the machine age, to the post-industrialist Bhakti Yuga-the era of devotion; the unfolding of divinity. The polarity balance between the masculine and feminine, the Yin and Yang energies are moving through a grand shift and reordering how they relate to each other.   In order to ride the crest of this wave of change, you must open to this shift within yourself.  


​Devi Tantra is the hidden feminine path of yoga.  It is the secret path that brings people into their deepest transcendental states. As we bring this into our lives and into life on this planet, we create a divine balance with the masculine that allows energy to flow through the center, the shushuna.  This the divinity of everything, your highest presence, your magical powers.

Drawing from her deep knowledge of yoga and meditation, Erin Sutra guides you into your own alignment with the new paradigm as you claim your power over the world around you.  


From this radical understanding of self and how you fit into this new paradigm, comes a way of expressing yourself that creates the world around you.  Erin Sutra helps you to discover your true self and your divine influence over the world around you.

-“I’d like to start by saying that magical things tend to happen to me after a session with Erin. Seriously, I manifest things more easily. There’s definitely something shamanic about her. I think she clears my energy so well that it makes me open to attract new things. I’ve never experienced that before with a massage therapist. Not only is she intuitive, but her touch is perfect, the pressure is perfect, and she knows what she’s doing. I appreciate a confident bodyworker and that is exactly what Erin is! I go to her when I have chronic pain, or when I just need some touch. I can’t recommend her enough, she’s helped me through some difficult times physically and emotionally. Book her now :)” -T​

Erin is a deeply skilled and intuitive healer. She has amazing hands and a knack for honing in on the spots that count in the body. These traits of hers are clear and proven. But what you may not know about Erin is that she’s a yogi mystic. Her vast knowledge of Eastern traditions, her command of the breath, the way she uses sound along with touch to heal, her understanding of the shakras and energy centers that are the keys to a whole other modality of medicine and wellness that has been around for thousands of years - these qualities make her a singular healer. In my days I have found none more gifted or effective. I recommend her - highly."

Erin is intensely intuitive, and zeroes in to the trouble-spots in our massage straight away. She can do deep-tissue work while still being sensitive. Her addition of hot stones and essential oils has enhanced the already fabulous experience. I feel well taken care of when I leave her studio, and my muscles continue to resonate with the work. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist (AND an artist/muralist!)

Your Life is So Beautiful!

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