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Your Personal Enlightenment

Find and embody your Enlightened Perspective.

A session with Erin Sutra leaves you feeling as though you've shifted the dimension that you exist in, because this is possible through Devi Tantric yoga, art and your connection to source.

What is Enlightenment?

       Enlightenment is understanding with all of the 5 senses that everything is from divinity and of the same matter (molecules?).  Physically, your right and left side feel the same and this is because your energy is traveling through your central channel, your Shushuna.  It is the center of everything; the jewel in the eye of the lotus.

What is Tantra?

        There are two general ways to achieve enlightenment, one is through asceticism-a renunciation of everything in life that eventually finds one living meditating alone in a cave in the mountains.  One tries to remove their attachment to sensual experience to the point where they feel that everything is nothing. 

          Tantra is a path to enlightenment that factors in participation in daily life, having children, a career, etc and is based on the idea that everything is from the same source and divinity can therefore be found in everything.  A person works to address every part of life as God or Atman or however you refer to source.  Neo Tantra recently has incorporated more exploration of the space between two people, an out of body experience often achieved through physical sexual union.  While this is one way to feel it, this enlightenment can actually be found by intentionally weaving and expanding energetically with any part of life.  Tantric yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and traditionally there are many ways to connect with tantric enlightenment, most of it has nothing to do with sex.  There is surely an ancient ritualistic way of fully involving any part of oneself with any part of known existence and enlightenment may be found in any one of these;  tantra is about practicing and developing this science.  Tantric yoga is a physical practice of connecting all senses and sensations and achieves a visceral understanding of the energy that everything has in common.

Why Art?  Why Yoga?

Art and yoga are powerful tools to help you to examine the subtle aspects of yourself and to fill your environment with your soul embodied.  Now in our time, we are being called to establish this a perfect balance of the masculine and feminine polarities within ourselves, aligning with the new paradigm.  Yin Tantric Yoga is a system to create balacne, to open up energy flow to the whole of our being and to feel into the full expanse of our existence, accessing various levels of enlightenment.


Yoga is an ancient system to remove blockages in your body mind and soul, allowing energy to run efficiently through every single part of YOU.  It begins with a deep consideration of the effect of your actions that blossoms into mindful living, breathing, actions, thoughts and deeds.

It incorporates Asana-a physical system of clearing out the body and connecting energetic channels in your self and also in relationships with others.

Yoga means Yolking-as these practices facilitate an understanding of similarity and union with every other part of existence.  One can experience this deep union with themselves or in communion with another person and love.  When you are able to move outside of your known self and into alignment with the real energetic flow of the universe, life becomes amazing.

Access your source and your divine creative kundalini center.  Experience life from the part of you that is just beam of life having experience through a body and five senses.

ART:  Everyone has their unique way of expressing visually.  Art is a way to access thoughts that can't conform to the linear heirarchy needed to put them into words.  Whether abstract or representational, making art opens a door to your deeper consciousness and allows you to look at it later from other perspectives. 

Here is Erin Sutra's art...Above are her oils, acrylics and watercolors, and book illustrations.  Below are her fine art silk paintings, which she is most known for (under the name Erin Hilleary) and which she sold all over the world for many years, supporting herself with art in the early years of being a mother.