I am done sharing the richest most vital part of myself with men who don't understand and who aren't even capable of valuing what I truly have to offer. I am finished with hunting for clues that a person might have the ability to meet me in my highest spaces. I will no longer brush aside his self-destructive behavior and attempts to reduce the magnitude of what I have to offer in favor of his potential to understand or meet me.

It is vitally important to this earth and time that I hold space in the highest most divine realms that I am capable of touching and bring this heaven to earth. It is my duty to step into my place as nurturer, healer and life-giver--overflowing with this energy and pouring it into everything and everyone around me. Aligned with the pristine source of creativity and beauty, I must bring others up to feel it too so that they may awaken that in themselves. As we all merge with this space, we will heal our world.

Men's hungry ghost is the feminine. They worship tits and ass, calling to the hallmarks of feminine form as though the goddess will run towards them and insert them into her open source of new creation and healing. So many men aren't capable and don't know how to access the feminine and bring himself back into alignment with their complete source. So they try to touch and absorb it through consuming women.

It is up to us to women to own fully their source and bring it to earth for all to access. Enlightenment is currently found through the feminine and we are the gatekeepers of that divine energy. Humans have an ancient system to transform themselves into a vessel for divinity. As women, we must find our seat of power and stay there--forcing men, who want to enter our temple, to come to us. They must do the work required to access and hold our highest realms; to support us as we draw the collective up to new levels.

I am finished with bending down to meet people in hopes that they may be inspired to rise up by the places I have been. I will extend into my highest and most enlightened realms with a full invitation to the world to meet me there. I will give people tools to find this space for themselves and I will see you all there.... It is my responsibility. I do this for the good of all--offering everything I have to this grand polarity shift--creating it in myself and all around me--ushering in the new paradigm......

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