Paradigm Shift

In this New Age, Enlightenment can be found through the Feminine.

How do you maintain your power and magnetism through childbirth, marriage and beyond?

​Our paradigm has radically shifted and it is no longer necessary or helpful for women to give themselves completely to motherhood and marriage. The fairy tale ideal of getting swept away into happily ever after is a debilitating lie to keep women from claiming directive power over life. Now, more than ever, it is possible for women to expand our human collective consciousness through their own empowerment and the radical self-discovery that is possible through Devitantra.

We are moving from the Kali Yuga-the machine age, to the post-industrialist Bhakti Yuga-the era of devotion; the unfolding of divinity. The polarity balance between the masculine and feminine, the Yin and Yang energies are moving through a grand shift and reordering how they relate to each other. In order to ride the crest of this wave of change, you must open to this shift within yourself.

We are shifting into a new paradigm and it is possible to ride the crest of this wave with connection your divinity and enlightenment. There is bliss to embrace in each part of this life. Enlightenment is an ability to see everything and everyone as part of god or source. When you are able to gaze at your life from this perspective, you embrace every part of it and align the furthest reaches of your Self with the divinity of everything. This is a veil-window to your highest presence--your magical powers.

Masculine and feminine energy is coming into divine balance in our collective lives. We feel it first within ourselves and we build it as we recognize it and act accordingly. We understand the nature of balance within ourselves and then we are able to support it in the world around us.

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