Planting Seeds, Harvesting the Bounty of Life Work

I must do my part! I must hold onto my preferences. I must make decisions, demand respect, gentleness, intuition, reverence for life, listening, personal practice and thorough contiunuous understanding of my source and position. I must only open up to people and situations that resonate with my highest light, my authentic source presence. I can no longer come down to meet people in hopes that they will go with me as I rise--I must concentrate in my own ascension. I must hold my space and trust people to do the work to enter my temple. The is the only way that this vibration, this centered energy, this balance can take over more and more of our world and time. I must hold the space, cultivate it and spread it.

My forest grows wherever I go. I've spent my life wandering the earth and planting seeds. My seeds are sprouting, the gardens abundant and full of good things to share. I hold that space and I offer it to others and it spreads with them too....we leave fertile soil in our wake.

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