Sofia Values Statement

I procrastinated a lot before writing this and then just spit it out without thought.

Values and Goal Statement: I see myself working with women who are finding their empowerment and sovereignty; who are delving inward, working to create themselves and their environments to fit their desires and ideals. I believe that the masculine and feminine polarities and that women attaining a strong voice and dominion is a natural part of this balancing process. The feminine conception having more and more sway over physical construct also bodes a lot of hope for our survival as a species and communion with our planet. Already, 95% of my clients are women who are going through a shift, who want to explore their capabilities or personal lifestyle. I would also like to work with men who want to learn more about how to engage with women now and with their own feminine aspects. The dynamic and interplay between masculine and feminine polarities is rapidly shifting and men largely have had restricted access to their personal feminine and they are confused as to how to catch the attention of and associate with women as they shift. It was appropriate to worship women in a sculptural fashion, worshiping idyllic versions and catcalling as though chanting for the appearance of a goddess. Now they are being called to display and utilize their emotional landscape, to interact with the world in a gentler more centered way. I would even like to work with couples as they realize how to navigate this shift together. More and more women are taking over work places and homes, defining their entire environments and creating things exactly as they want them—less in traditional deference to men, although a man who is in touch with his attention to beauty and perspective on home/life-making can be a great asset to creating environment. The functions of breadwinning are no longer a masculine trait and men don't need to feel emasculated by taking on the duties of the home. Women are confused about what they want from men or in life, feeling the strong draw to work and develop their careers and earning potentials, developing a strong desire for solitude and sovereignty. The process of integrating a partner needs to embrace both parties deep personal construct-needs, desires and trajectory in life.


Inner Harmony: The Energy we put out, we get back. We are each here to experience our senses in a body and it is good to notice these experiences as much as possible. A person needs to be conscious of their personal polarity balance and to be able to self-adjust when they want or need to. Meditation, self awareness and a consistent personal practice is necessary to create Inner Harmony; one must set aside time to have an inner dialog that reaches a cellular energetic body level in order to have the self-awareness necessary for Inner Harmony.

Sovereignty: It is important to be fully accountable for one's self and to do the work necessary to fully understand self. On some level one must realize that they are responsible for everything they encounter and experience. Once a person is able to regard their environment in this way they become conscious of the power of their words, thoughts and deeds. With this understanding it is easier to have relationships with others, to function at a high level in whatever realms of life that one chooses. We must walk gently and gracefully through life, being aware of taking too much or shoving too much on others, to maintain clarity, honesty and harmlessness. It is important to spend time consistently focused inward, on breath and on the moment. This connects us to something greater than ourselves, and also wholeheartedly ourselves and this connection is nutritious to us in mysterious but vital ways.

Conviction: We must strive for perfection in whatever we do—even in simple acts. It is important to do what it takes to align with the true nature of a moment in life, a desire or emotion and then to find a way to bravely flow with what is called for; with what one feels they need to do. It is always better to trust this inner knowledge and abide by it, when one does the work to develop an ability to connect with it.

Value Based Goal: To develop a strong and thriving personal coaching practice that plays an active role in facilitating this polarity shift and balance. By my birthday, September 29th, I wish to have 9 paying clients: female, male or couples involved in a multiple session cocreation practice with me. I will work with who are embodying their highest ideals and shifting towards creating wealth from their life's work, or men who want to understand their interplay with women and their personal feminine, or couples shifting to embrace this dynamic of changing polarities. I strive to become a well utilized resource for people in their personal shift towards living with inner-harmony and sovereignty; people doing the work that they came in this life to do and to function with conviction towards their highest ideals, which are rooted in the good of the earth and of thriving life.

Change Readiness: I'm a bit baffled at my conviction that this is my new job. I have completely let go of my massage practice, not only because it is risky with Covid, but because it simply feels over and done with.

Cognitive Hardiness: I also feel no fear in developing a coaching practice in time to catch me gracefully in this career leap and free-fall..... I've even looked for reservations and there are none—perhaps because I have massively overhauled my life many times and am not afraid of it, or maybe because this is what I am thoroughly meant to be now. It truly is a culmination of my life's work so far.

Mindfulness: I've been readying myself for this sort of work for the last twenty years. Beginning with my own interest in personal power and the psychology of motivation as a teen and through college. I google my name or look back on my life's work and it is all about empowering the feminine through my illustration work with neolithic archetypes of matriarchal civilizations across Eastern Europe and my work with women in war-torn villages, balancing the masculine and feminine polarities even physically with yoga and my voracious study of ancient civilizations spiritual practices. Most of all my own evolving and expanding meditation practice and my ability to thrive as a self-employed single mother, even through great duress, because of my own personal practice and inner harmony.

Perceived Locus of Casualty: Any fear or procrastination—any fear of success or self-doubt that crops up in the development of this new practice. I also need to avoid my difficulty with establishing the monetary value of my offerings. My work is more and more only things that I find pleasurable and interesting, things that I would do regardless of pay. I find that I must surmount a persistent idea that these things should be free. Coaching is my refining my healing effect on others to its most authentic form.I must follow my inner cues and bravely, audaciously work to establish what I now do. I must not be shy of offering it; fearing rejection or imposter syndrome. I must stay in touch with my confidence and conviction as I offer this to my massage clients, to my network and to the greater network of advertising. I must establish a monetary value and ask for that or some equivilent and remember that this work is as helpful as the physical alignment version that I used to do; that it is even more valuable because it doesn't hurt me or feel draining and because it teaches others to heal themselves.